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Ardbeg Drum Feis Iles

Ardbeg Drum Feis Iles

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Distilled at Ardbeg distillery, it is the Feis Ile 2019 release which were at the festival on Ardbeg day. It has been matured for an undisclosed length of time and is the first rum finished whisky Ardbeg have done which has been bottled at 46% abv.

Ardbeg released this limited edition bottle inspired by Islay’s rich history of carnival spirit from music and dance to food and fashion.
Did you know ? In a first for Ardbeg Distillery, they have taken single malt from ex-bourbon casks and rested it in ex-rum casks to bring out tropical tastes. Whilst rum casking is known to soften the taste of Islay whisky, here the impact of it was modest.

Box included
Size- 70cl
ABV- 46%
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