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Ardbeg Heavy Vapours

Ardbeg Heavy Vapours

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Ardbeg is the number one distillery for a lot of whisky drinkers who prefer huge, smoky, classic west coast single malts. Despite its reputation and sizeable demand, it is a small distillery with an output of only 2,100,000 litres per year. It is amazing to think that just over a decade ago the distillery only had three core range bottles and a handful of limited-edition releases. A fascinating one from Ardbeg, the legendary purifier on the still – responsible for Ardbeg’s exalted balance – is nowhere to be seen resulting in Ardbeg Heavy Vapours which means it was distilled without using Ardbeg’s purifier. Typically, vapours that rise up the still are captured by this piece of equipment, which sits on the lyne arm of Ardbeg’s spirit still. It captures heavier compounds and condenses them, causing them to fall back into the still. The vapours fall back into the still, are heated again, and so rise again. The familiar harmony between peat and floral fruitiness has been disrupted which was bottled without chill-filtration at 46% ABV.

Size: 70cl
ABV: 46%

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