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Glenmorangie A Tale of Tokyo

Glenmorangie A Tale of Tokyo

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Glenmorangie A Tale of Tokyo is a Highland single malt Scotch whisky that artfully combines vibrant, bold flavours with subtle sweetness, mirroring the diverse sensory experiences of Tokyo itself. Dr. Bill, inspired by Tokyo's multifaceted sensory world, crafted this unique limited edition by blending Glenmorangie whisky aged in rare Japanese Mizunara oak casks with whisky from sherry and bourbon barrels. The result is a perfectly balanced whisky with a complex flavour profile, featuring elements of pepper, bitter cherries, mouth-watering orange zest, incense, and sweet oak, all thanks to the combination of Mizunara oak, Bourbon, and Sherry casks.

Size: 70cl

ABV: 46%

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