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Macallan Edition No.3

Macallan Edition No.3

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Edition No.3, like its predecessors, represents our commitment to transparency and the art of whisky making. It's a yearly limited edition that blends a distinctive array of oak cask styles to create a unique expression, providing insight into the intricate craft of its production.

In the heart of The Macallan lies a commitment to inspiration and innovation, exemplified in The Edition Series. Edition No. 3 showcases The Macallan's flavor journey through scent, enlisting Master Perfumer Roja Dove's extraordinary olfactory expertise to craft the third unique expression in the series. This collaboration melds two art forms, whiskey and aroma, to unveil the intricacies of single malt character and the sensory magic behind The Macallan. Aroma's undeniable influence in the whisky experience makes Edition No. 3's approach truly enchanting

Check the minor scruff on the box

Size: 70cl

ABV: 48.3%

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