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Michters Number 1 Sour Mash (2.5cl)

Michters Number 1 Sour Mash (2.5cl)

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Michter's Sour-Mash Whiskey: A Rich and Spicy Delight

This sour-mash whiskey from Michter's offers a delightful combination of richness and spiciness, making it a truly exceptional choice. Immerse your senses in a symphony of flavours, including pronounced notes of cinnamon, creamy butter, and delightful nuttiness, all with a touch of invigorating black pepper to add a refreshing twist. The result? A delicious and satisfying experience.

Meet Michter's Master Distiller, Willie Pratt

Michter's Master Distiller, Willie Pratt, boasts over four decades of invaluable experience in the whiskey industry. His expertise spans the entire whiskey-making process, from selecting the finest grains to the art of distillation, barrel aging, and maturation. Before joining Michter's, Willie dedicated his career to Brown-Forman, where he co-chaired a special committee focused on the intricate craft of cooperage – the construction of barrels. This committee aimed to identify the optimal conditions for distillation and aging, factors that contribute to the taste, aroma, colour, and yield of whiskey.

Known affectionately as "Dr. No" among Michter's salespeople, Willie Pratt's reputation stems from his unwavering commitment to quality. He refuses to release whiskey for bottling until it achieves perfection, even if it surpasses the age stated on the label. Furthermore, he insists on storing Michter's barrels in unique heat-cycled warehouses, a practice that significantly increases the evaporation known as the "Angel's Share" during aging.

Michter's US 1 Expressions: Honoring Tradition

The "US 1" expressions, named in homage to Michter's heritage as one of America's earliest whiskey companies, represent the pinnacle of single barrel and small batch whiskeys. Distilled according to the exacting specifications of Master Distiller Willie Pratt, no US 1 whiskey sees the light of day until it earns approval from Willie and the discerning Michter's tasting panel.

A Sensory Journey

In appearance, this whiskey reveals a mild copper hue. Its bouquet tantalizes the senses with the spicy essence of wild rye, complemented by dark cherry and hints of vanilla. The palate delivers an immediate and assertive experience, with barrel spices taking the forefront and only a subtle touch of corn sweetness. The body, though thin, maintains its character. The finish, in keeping with the whiskey's overall personality, remains relatively mild and mellow, leaving a lasting impression of craftsmanship and flavour.

Size: 2.5cl

ABV: 43%

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