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Oban Little Bay

Oban Little Bay

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Distilled in the Highlands at Oban distillery, this release was originally a travel retail exclusive before becoming a core range product. This expression blends together whiskies from a range of casks marrying them together and letting the batches rest in the smallest oak casks in the distillery.

Oban is one of Scotland's oldest and smallest distilleries founded in 1794 and the West Highland port town of the same name has grown around the distillery. It has rich, complex flavours of the Highlands meet and mingle with the peaty, maritime character of the Islands. Balancing autumn fruits and sea air, Oban whisky owes its rich and rewarding Highland character to its very long fermentation process. The tiny lamp glass-shaped copper pot stills that make Oban's Scotch are among the smallest in Scotland, and the liquor they distil is slowly condensed in wooden worm tubs outside among the rooftops, exposed to the salted sea air, bringing a distinct depth of flavour said to go very well with salted caramel. Oban Little Bay the unique process of marrying the whiskies in our smallest casks (American Standard Barrels) allows more interaction, thereby delivering a fruity richness and a distinctly deep smoothness with the signature distillery character of citrus and sea salt. Light, smoky and with just a hint of salt - Oban brings out the rich complexity of character in humble meat dishes, like steak and kidney pie. An ideal gift for a beginner or enthusiast to explore Highland Single Malt Whiskies known for being rich in flavour and aroma

Size - 70 cl
ABV - 43%
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