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Springbank 2011 10 Year Old Local Barley

Springbank 2011 10 Year Old Local Barley

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The 2023 Release of Springbank Local Barley: A Taste of Campbeltown's Belgravia Barley

In the 2023 release of Springbank Local Barley, the spotlight shines on Belgravia barley, meticulously cultivated on the Glencraigs farm in Campbeltown. This exceptional whisky underwent an 11-year maturation journey, resting in a harmonious blend of ex-sherry, ex-bourbon, and ex-rum casks, culminating in its bottling in 2022.

A Symphony of Aromas and Flavours

Prepare to be enchanted by a symphony of fruity aromas gracing the nose. Notes of papaya, mango, lemon, and delicate honeysuckle create an inviting bouquet. As you savour the whisky, your palate will be greeted with a delightful fusion of bright citrus, the gentle embrace of Manuka honey, the nostalgic sweetness of pear drops, and a subtle undercurrent of sea salt.

The Lingering Finish

The journey concludes with a captivating finish, characterized by lingering traces of soft peat smoke, leaving an indelible impression of Campbeltown's finest craftsmanship.

Due to other condition of the bottler, the packaging and closure may have scruff and marks, so care should be taken with  storage and opening of this bottle.

Size: 70cl

ABV: 51.6%

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