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Yamazaki Distiller's Reserve

Yamazaki Distiller's Reserve

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Discover the sophistication of Yamazaki Distiller's Reserve, a handmade, single malt Japanese whisky. Rich aromas of honey and marmalade balanced by aromas of peaches, roses, and a subtle hint of smoke. Enjoy the exquisite flavour of true luxury; its delicate finish will linger in your memory.

Released in Spring 2014, this is one of two Distiller's Reserve single malt whiskies from Suntory in Japan. This single malt from the Yamazaki distillery is jam-packed with superb red berry notes, gained from the whisky being matured in Bordeaux wine casks and Sherry casks. It also features malt matured in Mizunara casks, adding subtle fragrant oak notes.

Yamazaki is the signature malt of Japan’s first and foremost whisky producer Suntory This is one of the most awarded distilleries in the world – experience the incredible complexity of Yamazaki Single Malt and be transported to a culture in harmony with nature and her beauty. Distilled in the town of Yamazaki outside Kyoto, this single malt is distilled in the spiritual home of Japanese Whisky The Japanese Emperor and famous monk Sen No Rikyu highlighted Yamazaki for its pure water and beautiful nature and Suntory have embraced this tradition in a truly complex whisky. This non age statement expression highlights the complexity of Suntory’s blending process, with a vibrant and juicy bouquet of red berries and cream. Presented in a stunning Branded gift box, this is a gift suitable for even the most passionate whisky lovers

Size: 70 cl
ABV: 43%
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