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Yamazaki Kakubin Genshu Single Malt 5cl

Yamazaki Kakubin Genshu Single Malt 5cl

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Yamazaki Kakubin Genshu Single Malt 5cl. A 5cl miniature bottle of Yamazaki Kakubin Genshu Single Malt Whisky from Japan. This single malt whiskey is produced in the Yamazaki distillery and used for the Suntory Kakubin Yellow. In 2005, these miniatures were part of a Father's Day promotion and could only be bought in the Yamazaki distillery. Therefore, these miniatures are extremely rare. This single malt was filled with 55% barrel strength.

Nose: Everything that its blended brother does not have. There are some distant resemblances but this is truly in a league of its own with little if any comparison. Rich vanilla wafers integrate with costal flora honey. Wine gums and custard tart crust play together with delicate malty tones.
Taste: Clean with generous amount of white pepper. Rich honey (possibly eucalyptus) with hints of herb. There is a small suggestion of spearmint that plays well with the malt. Water transforms the honey into maple syrup and takes down the pepper a notch or two.
Finish: Peppery, sweet honey, warming, moderate and exceptionally clean.

Size - 5cl
ABV - 55%
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