The Golden Dram is a One-Stop-Shop when you’re looking to sell your Scotch Single malt / Japanese whisky bottles or casks. Please click on the "REQUEST VALUATION" link below, and we will arrange the rest. We have the right tools and resources to help you make an informed decision if you’re looking to sell old rare collectibles of Scotch Single Malt / Japanese whisky with us as follows:

1. We buy the bottles outright and give you the best price as observed in the Secondary Market (i.e. auctions).

2. You can sell it through our one-of-a-kind online shop, and your bottle will sit amongst rare and limited editions Scotch Single Malt / Japanese whisky, and our advertising campaigns aim to draw the eye of whisky enthusiasts. Note that patience is key here as bottle sales could take a few days to months.

3. We can sell it for you via our online auction network where you tell us what price you are looking to sell. The auction house will deduct any listings (e.g.£3+VAT), reserve price (e.g.£5+VAT if required), and auction commission (circa. 0-15% as it varies which one we use). We have an excellent auction network so you do not have to worry about registration (we have you covered and will not charge any extra for this service). Note that due to the volatile nature of the Secondary Market, it is not always possible to get the asking price as the price could either go down or up and depends on the rarity of the bottle i.e. a rare bottle will attract more bidders as compared to a core range scotch whisky.

When we receive your bottles we aim to photograph and put them online the same day giving the best possibility to be sold immediately. Our commission on all the bottles is very simple, and we are here to offer the best customer service so that our customers do not have to dig deep into their pockets. With this in mind, we charge the standard 10% + VAT commission (to cover listing and card fees) on all bottles, so your £100 bottle would go online for £112 and when it sells we would pay you your £100 as requested.

Our commission on the Cask is £250 +VAT. We will source the right party for you should you be interested in selling or buying your cask and charge you the above-mentioned commission. Use the Contact Us form should you have any questions