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Hennessy Paradis Rare Cognac

Hennessy Paradis Rare Cognac

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Hennessy Paradis embodies an elegant essence and immediately captivates with its lustrous copper hue. This meticulously crafted blend achieves a remarkable equilibrium, seamlessly fusing opulence and softness while uniting velvety smoothness with robust potency, all enveloped in a luxuriously silky texture. Naturally, it leaves a flavorful and enduring impression.

Maurice Fillioux crafted Hennessy Paradis in 1979 as a homage to symphonic music. He likened this blend to an "orchestra in symphony," reflecting the way classical music can transport and deeply resonate with one's emotions. Just as the success of an orchestra isn't solely determined by the number of instruments it comprises, but rather by the purity of its harmonious sound and the skill of the conductor, Hennessy Paradis follows a similar principle. It unites extraordinary eaux-de-vie, each chosen for its distinct attributes, to harmoniously orchestrate a graceful and refined cognac.

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Size: 70cl

ABV: 40%

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